Has motherhood made you more "mumsy"
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yes and no haha.. different stages. if fat tend to look mumsy but if slim, not so. ive been in different stages from very fat to quite slim and now in between 😅😅. since stopped breastfeeding , am going to start my diet makeup plays a part too.

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No..dahil ang payat ko di halatang mumsy na. Mukhang magkapatid lang po kami ng 3 yrs. old na anak ko.😊Thank God.

right now yes, full breastfeeding kc c baby, 3months plang wla pang diet ☺

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Mumsy means ba mukhang mommy? Hahaha hindi ko alam ang mumsy e 🤣🤣

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I can think otherwise, but yes! Haha! No qualms about it though.

Mumsy? Yes... full time mommy for my bunso😂😍🤣❤️

Yes, motherhood comes with a whole lots of responsibilities

Now shop mainly baby stuff, my stuff r secondary

Lol! I think its coded in the genes!!

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everything is baby baby baby. Hahaha