Baby bottles recommendation PHILIPS or HEGEN

Hello mums and dads, Any recommendation on how many bottles to get and as well as which brand is better? Am looking at: 1) Philips Avent Natural Newborn Starter Bottle Set 2) Hegen PCTO™ Complete Starter Kit PPSU Any advice? FTM here. Thanks #pleasehelp #firstbaby #breastfeedingweek #milkbottle #philipsavent #PhilipsAventNaturalFeedingBottle #hegen

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I prefer avent ppsu bottle over pigeon because I always need to adjust the pigeon teats to align the small hole in the milk bottle ring with the small round hole on the teats everytime when screwing the bottle with the milk in. If I don’t align properly, the air bubble in the bottle will not be able to be released from the bottle. Need to release the air from the bottle to prevent baby from sucking the air bubbles. And also avent ppsu bottle allows me to see how much milk is there left in the bottle compared to the plastic version of avent bottle. I don’t have this problem with avent. I just need to feed my baby with the 3 lines on the teats upright to release the air bubbles. Avent teats resembles mummy’s nipples cos wider so they causes less leakage. Tried switching him from teats 1 to 2 for avent but the flow is too fast for him, so switched back to teats 1 for avent. I used to think pigeon was better but now I realised we need to use it to experience which some suits us and the baby better. Hard to advised. But my baby is fine with both avent n pigeon. Personally, I prefer ppsu bottle than plastic cos with plastic I cannot see how much milk is left in the bottle during the feed.

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