New 'Back To School' Maths Programme For Parents To Teach Kids Better

Mums and dads, do you feel a little lost when you are unable to help your kids with their Math homework? Those Math sums seem to be getting tougher by the year! Have you considered "going back to school" to refresh and re-learn some Math? A new pilot programme helps parents learn Math concepts, so they can support their children better. The KelasMateMatika @ CC programme (KMM) is an initiative of three key Malay/Muslim organisations: Mendaki, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) and the People's Association Malay Activity Executive Committees Council (Mesra). It is a free educational programme, and an enhanced version of self-help group Mendaki's existing Tiga M programme. The first pilot phase is running at three divisions in Marsiling, Nee Soon East and Pasir Ris East. The KMM programme is targeted at families with children aged between four and six years, and whose household per capita income is $450 or less a month. Over six sessions, parents learn basic numeracy concepts as well as techniques to build the child's self-esteem and confidence as they learn. There are also interactive activities for the children to pick up math concepts better. The sessions aim to encourage family bonding as well, through fun activities like playing games, making a halal bento set or fairy lamp, and doing zumba exercises.

New 'Back To School' Maths Programme For Parents To Teach Kids Better
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visiting 🤣 spending time with my mum

Feel that this is a good initiative.

yes indeed...its good idea.

Good idea