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Hi mummies, when do we go for our first pregnancy check-up with the gynae? im currently at 6 weeks #firsttiimemom #advicepls

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I went at 5 weeks plus! Only saw an empty sac then but gynae said at least we knew it was not ectopic. Then cos the sac was somewhat irregular, my gynae did warn me that there’s a risk of miscarriage, so she gave me duphaston which is supposed to help strengthen the lining and 10 days of MC to rest before my next scan. So I think it’s good to go early!

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I went today at 5 weeks 5 days. cause I have 2 previous etopic pregnancies, so doc at polyclinic advised me to go for early scanning to make sure that my baby is in the uterus. and today, I saw my lil water bag and flickering heartbeat on the screen n I teared. you can go olin btw 6-10 weeks, I think should be ok. Good luck Mommy.

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We are the same! I am at my 6 weeks too. My first check up will be on 5 Nov as my gynae only wants to see a patient at 8 weeks. So, I am currently taking TCM til my 1st check up. Hopefully all good. Just try to call make appointment cos it's not easy to get especially if the gynae is the popular one.

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I went when I have spotting in week 4. So if u feel unwell, so go for Gynae. Don’t wait until week 8 then go. Some Gynae may say week 8 is better but when u feel unwell just go. U never know what happen until they scan.

hello I'm going for mine in my 9th week. for no.1 I went in my 7th week. I think anytime between 6-10 weeks is normal depending on your gynae. shd be able to see the heartbeat flicker by then :)

I had my first check up and scan at 5 weeks and 5 days, Ob saw gestational sac and yolk and heart beating. Im eager to go early just to make sure its in the uterus 🥰

it depends u are gg for subsidised or private. subsidised might take a while for referral, so gg to polyclinic now is good time. private i think 7th weeks onwards is ok

Went at week 4++ coz I was spotting. Prescribed medication to stabilised the pregnancy. Follow up at week 6++, 9++ & eventually my next appointment will be at 15wks.

I’m also going for my first checkup on 7th week which is next week. Called KKH to make appt and they say to only come on the 7th week.

Just set an appointment to confirm the pregnancy and get some tests done to ensure you're in good health