swollen feet after c-sect

Hi mummies, I am 6 days postpartum today, delivered baby via csect as baby was breech. Today, noticed that my left feet is a little bit swollen compared to the right. There's no pain in both feet though. Is this normal?

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try wearing the compression socks. i had a normal delivery but my left feet is also swollen.. the compression socks works.. take care mommy!

1y ago

oh okay thanks, mummy! my previous two i had normal delivery too, but csect for this 3rd one. didn't have swollen feet after delivery back then, so was wondering. thanks again, mummy!

Mommy wear the socks too. I’m assuming that the hospital gave u one aft the op. I can’t remember the name of the socks but it helps.

1y ago

the compression socks? okay will do! thank you mummy!

Hi mama, it’s normal to have water retentions/PP swelling after birth. Keep your legs elevated at night and drink more water :)

1y ago

thank you 🥺🥺🥺