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Hi Mummies, How early did your bump start to show up for your first pregnancy? 😊 #FirstTimeMom

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First born around 7 months. Second born onwards around 5 months So sad I only get offer seat for second born onward. First born I totally no seat for me especially when I knock off from work stand from town to home.

After 6 months for mine.. My baby bump is not obvious.. It was on my 29th weeks when someone offered me seat in public transport for the first time 😅..

Around week 22 i def felt like I couldn't hide it any longer! Now at 26 weeks plus definirely ballooning up 😅

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Around Week 22-24!!

For mine aft 6mths.

mine ard 5 months

Around week 22 :)

FTM aft 5 months

around 5 months

37weeks 😅