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Hi all mummies, Just wondering if you breastfeeding your baby for so long. Is it true your baby never get sick? Personally I have stopped BF at 2 months plus. for my mental health. However, quite fed up when ppl keep telling u. U need to BF at least 1 year. Everyone has different case. Why need to force all woman to BF 6 to 1 year? So is it true baby will not get sick and nver go see PD since. BM will help your baby immunity? #BreastfebBabies #immunity #firsttiimemom #firstbaby

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I am EP-ing for 16m (currently mixed feeding with formula) and probably will stop when LO is 18mo. I cannot guarantee how true but my baby did indeed not fall sick as of now (16m). Vaccinations also no post fever. But I also have to say this, it’s because my baby haven’t been exposed to school yet otherwise I’m pretty sure even if I give her dragon milk she will also fall sick. Regardless of bm or fm, confirm got thing for people to comment on. I had one friend’s mil (first time seeing her somemore) telling me in my face that my bm is useless after 4mo (my baby is 9mo then) like hello u think my bm comes from supermarket is it. I didn’t get enough sleep, suffered so many episodes of mastitis, struggled as low supply and you just put me down with one remark. What made me decided to bf is……losing weight lol! And I did managed to slim down even more than prepregnancy even when I was eating like two portions per meal so I had to continue. That is my motivation to bf initially then eventually it becomes a routine… and now attachment. 😂 Anyways there’s no scientific proven fact on this luh imo, your child your boobs your call. In fact I feel so much happier and relax now that I’m only feeding bm once and formula for the rest. I even had 12 - 14 hours of sleep everyday 🤩.

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same! my husband's self professed mommy guru friend quizzed 101 when saw our 6mths old baby first time, asked me what I feed him cos he so chubby 😅 felt like she was expecting a certain answer so when I answered BM she was like: aiyo dun bother lah, my PD said after 6mths the BM not nutritional anymore.. BM got expiry date meh??? I should have asked her which PD she took her kids, and which med school he graduated from!