Low Placenta -- what exercise can we do

Hello mummies with low placenta during pregnancy! May I know what are the exercises you have done and are comfortable with doing? Do you still do pelvic floor exercises? Yoga? Nature walks nature reservoirs and nature parks? My gynae says no strenuous exercise. I read about no squats. I have no gym or yoga membership. Not sure what exercises are safe for me. I'm only going for walks around the neighbourhood. #advicepls

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I had low placenta and my gynae dont even allow me to do simple exercise. I was advised with alot of bed rest and less walking. You need to be extra careful with low placenta, better seek your doc advise before proceed to any form of exercise, even the simple one like pilates or yoga.

1y ago

Oh I see..so during your pregnancy you really totally refrained from any exercise? And placenta eventually moved up so you could have a normal delivery instead of C-sect? Pls let me know! Thank you!

Low Placenta is the condition you need to be more careful. there for It is better talk with your doctor and get recommendation on this.

1y ago

My gynae only says no sex, no strenuous exercise. Next appt in 3 more weeks, so meanwhile I thought I'd check with mummies with similar experience, so that I can do what's necessary and refrain from what's not advisable.