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Any mummies willing to share their recent hospital bill after the delivery? Esp the one gv birth this year and last year for reference🫣 This is what I have from friends but 2 years back, unsure why KKH private is still considered very cheap compare to TMC and Mt A 🫨 KKH private single ward : 3k cash Mt Alvernia single bedded : 8k cash Thomson single bedded : 10k cash I can understand that gynae fee might be different but the gap is quite huge 😐

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Hi mummy! Kkh is under government hence the pricing is way way wayyyyy different then others. For tmc single bedded is expensive! You can opt for 2 bedder instead. Its as comfy as it is. I opted for 4 bedder but was in a 2 bedder room as 4 bedder room is fully occupied but u still paid for the price of 4 bedder! 2 bedder, its totally fine for me as i was alone for 2 days. The only thing is for 1 bedder in tmc ur husband is able to stay over.. else for me the rest of the service is pretty similar. Food wise is fantastic! The nurses is GREAT! Even when i go for emergency c sec, my gynae did asked if i wanna go to kkh as the pricing will be way higher at tmc but i still choose tmc and manage to work things out my gynae on the charges plus my insurance claimed! So whatever i paid for hospital, i get a certain amount back which is 5k (after a month). And the reason i choose tmc is because of my gynae work and he make sure i feel safe and happy!

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Im a FTM as well! Apparently i didnt manage to feel the contraction pain... when i was in labour ward, nurses did mentioned ive got contractions going on but i didnt feel any. Maybe thats a bonus? 😂😂 i only have back pain thats all. Trust me, the process is totally your mindset. On how you put yourself in, husband n families supporting you and keep giving u positive words. Just tell yourself ure not the only mom that is going thru this... theres alot of women going thru the pain as well.. tell urself you can do it, because no one will tell u that. Sometimes people dont understand a pregnant women at all. The giving birth process will be beautiful as it is! Do what u want the best for yourself and baby! Just enjoy the process mummy! Because after birth, THATS WHEN THE HAPPENING STARTED and we can go abit CRAZY....😂😂😂😂😂

i gave birth via normal delivery in Mar at KKH and total bill came up to 8.2K, which included epidural. was admitted 2 mar and discharged on 5 mar, which included me staying an additional night (usually package is for 2 nights). claimed medisave of 3.1k, cash of 5.1k paid for class A. additional 1 night stay is $520 of which $400 can be claimed by medisave i’m not wrong. i think the extra night helped especially if you’re a ftm, no extra help and you need to heal and learn how to take care of newborn. i didn’t have confinement nanny or any help

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10mo ago

Hi dear! This includes baby charge too?

TMC 2 bedder. Natural birth + Epidural + Assisted Delivery + GBS antibiotics. 17hrs labour. March 2023. Cash $5.4k.

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Thanks for the tip! Still deciding whether to go for TMC or Mt Alvernia☺️

because kkh is a government hospital that allows you to use subsidies. private gynaes earn for their own keep

Stayed at TMC from 06.04 to 08.04.23. Stayed 2-bedder, planned cecasean. Total cash $5,300.00.