Mummies who are breastfeeding- What are your milk boosters?

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I agreed with what other mummies had shared. Latching and pumping more will helped in incresing milk supply. The rule that your body read is demand = supply! Also have adequate liquid intake and well-balanced diet. Most importantly have adequate rest as feeling stress will also affect the supply. My milk booster are the following few: 1) Salmon 2) Overnight oats (added brewer yeasts, flaxseed, rolled oats, oat milk, yoghurt and fruits) 3) Lactation cookies 4) Papaya fish soup 5) Milo with oats and VCO However, it varies toneach individuals. Eg durian isva milk booster for sone for is a milk killer for me. Thus you got to trial and error to test it out. =)

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