Elective csec

Hi mummies, for those who went through elective csec, can I check how many weeks were u in on the scheduled date? Were u given meds to prevent birth prior to ur csec date?

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37wks 6 days, was given meds to relax the uterus until the scheduled csec date as I had a bad braxton hicks episode at 34wks.

37+1. Was on duphaston & nifidepine + strict bed rest since w27 due to low placenta bleeding ep

37w5d for me. Yes I am given medications to prevent preterm birth cuz I have short cervix.


37 and 38 weeks respectively, no medication to prevent birth

38 weeks. no meds to prevent birth prior csec date

39 weeks. No medication given.

37 weeks 5days. no med too

37 weeks