Any mummies here are subsidised patients in kkh and have little to no ultrasound at all except those important ones like detailed scan and all? I realised I have lesser appointments and scanning done as compared to last time in 2020(also subsidised) . I also noticed that the doctors attending to my consultationa in clinic C tends to rush things. 🤣 I had an appointment last month at clinic B and was shocked by the major difference on how the doctors treated you. As what I knew , clinic B is for private / C for sub. And the treatment there is so much better 🤣 doctor took time to check for heartbeat , showed me baby , and also asked questions which were relevant. Clinic C doctors mostly rushed things and I'm out of the room in less than 5 min. 😮‍💨 I'll probably go private the next time I decide to have another one 🤣🤣

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Yes I am a subsidy patient. And yes for Clinic C you will have a quick session with doctor unless necessary for longer conversation in which you have QnA, doubt, worries, medical questions, etc. For those would prefer detailed check on baby or yourself then Clinic B would be the choice. As Clinic C are subsidy patient, they usually would not spend much time with patient unless necessary. This is not only for KKH but NUH too as well. My ultrasound are mainly on first tri, second tri at 21 weeks then third tri at 28 weeks. Rest of the appt are seeing doctor, hearing heartbeat, OGTT, etc. Having so many patient at one go, not all doctors are available to attend most Q&A, and that being said I do understand they have a lot in plate. Not that they push aside subsidy patient but it is norm. To each their own choices. However, I am all good with either NUH or KKH treatment except some minor points which obviously can close one eye lah 🤭

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