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Anybody has experience with being a subsidised and private patient at NUH before? I just changed to private and realised that they are more rushing compared to subsidised clinic. the nurse seemed very rush when explaining the package to me , and the doctor had very limited things to say and didn’t really ask questions to find out how I am doing. I think i lasted less than a minute in the doctor’s room. I even had to take my blood pressure by myself! the first time i was there I was very lost. nobody showed me the room that i had to go to i had to figure it out myself. when i was a subsidised patient the nurses did everything for me. and they spoke to me very calmly and asked about my well being etc . they showed me where to wait, they settled my blood pressure for me etc. im just wondering if this is the kind of service i should be expecting when we pay so much more? do any mommies feel this way? 🤣

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Super Mum

Hi momma. sorry to hear of your bad experience in NUH. Any particular reason why u picked NUH? They should'nt rush your appointments and you are entitled to ask as many questions to docs and nurses regardless private or subsidiesed. If i were u, if you are not satisfied with their work ethics and services, change your hospital option!

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hi, im currently subsidised at NUH and planning to switch to NUH private. may i know which dr did you go for? did the dr make you feel at ease?