Will carrying #1 cause miscarriage

Mummies! Do u still carry your#1 when you are pregnant with #2? I had a miscarriage once so I don't dare to carry my #1 too much..but she only wants me and don't want my husband at all. What can I do?

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My no 1 & 2 are quite far apart in age with a 6 yr gap. But I remembered when my no 1 still wanted me to carry her around while pregnant. Firstly, It's important to teach your child that you are pregnant. Involve no 1 in your pregnancy. e.g. Dr check ups and stories about pregnancy as well as becoming a new sibling. Secondly, you need to learn to let go when she cries needing you. Let your husband or family member coax her through her rants. Mothers are after all, a child's safety blanket. Since you are going to have another baby, it's even more vital to trust your family to help. Go to another room or go out away from your child to allow her to trust the other members more. By doing this, you are also teaching her trust as well as independence.

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in my honest opinion.. that doesn't cause miscarriage... i always carry my no#1 while pregnant (30weeks now) for only important things like getting him in his cot for bedtime or naps or to bring him play outside in living room.. i can say im quite lucky he isn't the kind who likes to be carried or clingy.. he also prefers his daddy more than me when it comes to carrying 😅 so my hubby would step up on stuff like that cos he knows our son is heavy 12kg already 😅 but if you are worried try carry your #1 as moderately as possible sometimes when my back aches i just put him in stroller and push him around the house to minimise carrying .. wish u a healthy n happy pregnancy!❤️

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thanks both mummies!