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Hi mummies. My son is in P1 this yr. I have 2 more girls now in K1 + toddler class. My son got into a primary school further from our house (6 bus stops away and have to walk in about 200m to his school). The bus route to school is always flooded with people early in the morning. Currently hubby has been sending our son to sch by motorbike. I am afraid to imagine bringing 3 sleepy kids via a crowded bus.Im thinking of changing school nearer to home. Any tips on how or where do i even start? Do i look for the available locations first? Or do i inform the current school first? #WorriedMom

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Find a school nearer to home first , pls avoid sending your son by motorbike . Tat is so dangerous . I would rather getting in a crowded bus then allowing my son on a motorbike . Its against the rule . The youngest to be a pillion rider is 10 years old