Any recommendations on Paediatrician from TMC?

Hi mummies, any recommendations on paediatrician from TMC? (or not from TMC but accredited) I'm about to sign up the room package online and need to fill up the name of the preferred paediatrician. Thanks for your reply 🤗

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Hi, I gave birth at TMC last year and left that portion blank. After delivery, I asked my gynae to recommend a pediatrician for me and she did. All went well. I think what you should consider is a pedia with clinic closer to your place so it's convenient for you and the baby.

10mo ago

No need. Picking of the PD is only for baby check up during your hospital stay after labor. :) I went thru the same process after TMC online webinar couple months ago.

Dr Tan Kuan Yang

Eugene Han

dr tan

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