160 bpm 15 weeks

Hi mummies! Just a random question, is baby’s heart rate 160 bpm at 15 weeks pregnancy normal or too high? #1stimemom

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it's normal, my week 12 scan is 160-ish too.. and heard high heart rate of more than 150 bpm can be a baby girl..

2y ago

they say girl tends to have higher bpm.. and true enough, the bun inside me is a girl.. you can see if its true for you too :)

it’s super normal. gynae didn’t flag it as unusual right? pls don’t worry so much

Yes, very normal. Fetus heartbeat are usually faster. Can range from 150-180

it's normal. baby heat rate determine baby gender. have you check?

2y ago

Thankyou! I’ve yet to check as my next scan is on the 20th week to know the gender 🥺

yes it's normal!

Its normal.