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Hi mummies, can you please share your natural birth experience with me and how would you rate the pain level for yours. Thank you.. I’m scared 😭 Thank you to everyone who commented! I saw so many other post about natural birth and they all sounded so scary 😖 #1sttimemom #firstbaby #ineedassurance #advicepls

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I still felt extreme fear of labour even though I'm an experienced mum. But it's all worth it when you see your baby for the first time! I've had 5 natural births, all with epidural except the last one didn't work on me. I was induced and gynae did a membrane sweep on my cervix to quicken the labour process. Struggled with pain for 3 hrs before giving birth. I also had 2 premature babies and so had 2 thigh jabs (steroid jabs) which was the most painful jabs ever for me to strengthen their lungs. I only had episiotomy for my first. No vaginal tear for the rest. Our body works differently and our pain threshold are also different. Listen to your body. If you were to take epidural, take only when you cannot tolerate the pain. You won't feel a thing even when baby is coming out. Because at a certain dilation, the nurse will lower the epidural dosage or probably turn it off so you can feel your baby comes out. This happened to my no. 4 & 5. I can feel my V stretched out when baby came out. Not a comfortable feeling. And VERY IMPORTANT, don't lift up your butt if you don't want a big tear and don't scream when you're pushing. But don't be scared. We all will have to go through this like it or not. Your spouse's support is needed during labour.

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i was at home when i had my contractions. i went through the wave of pain for 7 hours. only called the ambulance when i feel like pushing. waterbag broke in the ambulance. reached hospital at 930 and baby came out at 940am. in my opinion, the contraction pain overpowers everything. once i've gone through the contractions, pushing my babygirl out is a breeze. haha. it feels like pushing out a huge jelly babe. and then you hear your baby cry...... and that.... is the best sound you will ever hear in your entire life and then everything else don't matter. its ok to be scared ok? we all are. but once you see your little angel, it will all be worth it. 🥰

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Errmm.. 37weeks 5days - My waterbag broke at home & Contraction starts immediately while otw to SGH. 5-2mins apart. Labour for about less than 2hrs. Laughing Gas does not really helps me cause it was too painful during the contraction 10/10 & cant get epidural cause I was already fully dilated. I was Not Ready at that moment cause it was my 1st time & everything was too fast. But do not worry, the pain will go off once u hear & see ur baby crying cause its worth it. Im expecting my no.2 & im 31weeks now. More nervous! All the best to u!

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My edd is end of September and I’m also worried and scared like you. But somehow when I think of this part “if giving birth is so so so so so pain then why would people keep going for 2nd or more?” Hahaha so I think it will be painful but it makes giving birth a beautiful thing, where mothers sacrifice and risk our lives to raise another life. No pain no gain! Can’t wait to cuddle my baby hehe

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I would rate my contractions pain between 4 to 6 cause different people will feel different level of pain but after all it is actually not really that scary though after i deliver my baby on the 31 of January this year and before i gave birth to my baby i do feel giving birth it is scary but after go through it was all ok cause i have epidural

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I totally understand the fear. I cannot tolerate the contraction so I went for a thigh jab. Once dilate 4cm, I took epidural and able to rest till I need to push. I feel that if you are really scare of the pain, just go for epi. Nevertheless, once u see ur baby, everything is worth it

I rated mine 7 but i tried to go without epidural. Unfortunately i ended up hving laughing gas at 6cm and gave up on it after a while. Took epidural at 7cm n felt nth at all. No pain 😅 Jiayou! Dun be scared!

I was induced and at 3cm could still talk on the phone, although my hand was gripping the pillow during contraction. took epidural after that and all was good and serene

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I only had laughing gas.. pain towards the end was through the roof but somehow still manage to pull through. I did the same for my second one too. 😅

My wife only had laughing gas and without epidural for both deliveries. Don't be scared. 💪