Legs tired easily

Hi mummies, Is it normal that legs will easily feel tired after walking for awhile? I’m currently coming to 18 weeks pregnant. Thank you. #advicepls

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definitely. dont say legs everywhere also tired everything also pain. although its good to take a walk daily and do some pregnancy safe stretches remember not to overexert yourself. maybe when youre towards the end of 2nd trimester cn try prenatal massage.

I had to get on the wheelchair at some point after a full shift of walking and standing at work - so yes, it’s tiring and can get extremely painful. Got a month of hospital leave from my OG because of it.

Everything will be tired for sure. Body tired, mind tired, tired of everything. Haha. But jia you cz you'll be more tired when nearing to labour.

I am also coming 18 weeks this friday! For me, I cant seem to stand or sit too long. Walking around the house so far still ok. 😂

Yes its normal..legs felt tired like as if walking on high heels all day even thought not even wearing one 😅

I just stepped out on foot to get grocery and damn, i regret going out. Feels like my right leg is not mine now

Yes!! You’re gonna feel more tired as the baby grows! Stay strong 😊

Yes it is normal and also you will feel lazy at some point of times

Yes definitely

Yes normal!!!