Sudden vomiting

Hello mummies, is it normal to experience sudden vomiting during last trimester of your pregnancy? Am at week 33 pregnant now, been throwing up the food since I ate this morning :( pls advise, thanks

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Yes, i have been experiencing vomiting here and there. currently in my third tri. This happens when I eat a lot. I’m guessing there’s not a lot of space anymore for food in our stomach! But after vomiting, I usually feel better.

Can try swallowing sperm, you can Google it. It helps. Your body and baby recognises the sperm, thus will not vomit. Also helps with pre-eclampsia. Scientifically proven. However its a taboo thus doctors don't talk to you about it.

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That’s gross

who else here feel emotional . im at week 33 now. but my partner can't understand what i feel. i feel unimportant now. it breaks my heart 😞

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Me here too!!sudden will burst out in tears bcos of hes not helping in hse works,kids and many more..😭😢

Yes its normal I'm had the same thing as well. Dr says some 1st trimester things will come up in your last trimester. Its ur body preparing for labour. Just eat small frequent meals

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Yup had that too. Baby’s pushing up against your stomach and intestines now, so you need to take smaller and more frequent meals to keep the food down:)

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yes it's normal! happens for me too, now that I'm at 33 weeks. if you can't keep food and water down, pls do consult your gynae. take care!

This just happened to me this morning. Im at 33 weeks too. I read it is because of the pressure the uterus is putting on the stomach.

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Apparently yes. Do consult your gynae if you feel unwell take care!

normal! i was vomiting 1st and last tri all day everyday.

Yes it is normal but do visit your gynae as well for this