Yellow spit up

Hi mummies, my LO is 3 months old. Fully breastmilk fed. Last night was the first time he STTN from 11pm-9am. During his first morning feed, he spit up some milk with a wet burp. I saw traces of yellow? Googled it says could be empty stomach. However the subsequent 3 feeds, he did not spit up anymore yellow stuff. Can anyone advise what’s this? Is it serious?#firstbaby #advicepls

Yellow spit up
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Super Mum

Before your breast milk comes in, you’ll be feeding your baby colostrum. Colostrum is packed with important vitamins and nutrients to give your little one the jump start that they need in life. Most moms notice that their colostrum is white or yellow. Sometimes it’s also clear. If yours is yellow, it makes sense that your baby might spit up yellow.  Nothing to be alarm. If its just a spit out, its ok. If baby appears weak and has been throwing up often then see a PD immediately.

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