Is there a temperature controller in A1 ward in KKH??

I read in a blog that it was way too hot in the A1 WARD in KKH during the day and way too cold at night? is there a temperature controller in the ward ?? or anyone can tell me their review about their 3 day stay in A1 ward in kkh?? also few people shared that there is no guarantee to get A1 ward for delivery. but I have an elective c section, does that mean it's not guaranteed even if I opt and book it 2 months earlier ? #kkh #a1ward

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it was fine for me throughout the day. there’s no controller in the ward. you should bring your own device or clothing for temperature regulation. also you are probably worrying too much.. and yes there’s no guarantee of A1 even with earlier booking. if it’s all full you will be given the next class ward

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7mo ago

bring your own portable fan.