Any mummies had subchorionic space during their pregnancy?

Hi mummies! Im now 10 wks and 5 days, had the ultrasound scan yesterday and they found that I have a subchorionic space. Anyone of you experienced the same? I haven’t had any bleeding or spotting of sorts. I also read up that this will clear up on its own in a few weeks. The dr told me there’s nothing to worry about, everything looks good but hey of course im worried haha. 😂 #firsttimemama

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Hello. I am at week 10 going week 11. Was told I had the subchorionic space too. But i have no bleeding or spotti g at all...... Making me even more worried. Anyway, shall just pray that things will turnout alright for our babies ! ❤️

I am not sure about this condition. But if your doctor say nothing to worry. don't worry.. Stay positive. Your mental health is very important during pregnancy/ . God bless you. Take care mum...