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Hi mummies! Im new mum and 27 weeks pregnant. Im looking for a lightweight stroller for newborn till toddler. Currently, I saw this Keenz Air Plus 2.0 stroller, looks sturdy and strong. And easily fold and carry which is good. Any one using this? Is it awesome as what they advertise? Is the height too low for taller people? Im 1.65cm. Any recommendation of stroller that you has been using? Sorry long post!

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Hello! Ftm here and I'm also looking at the same stroller as you are. I'm not very tall either. 1.5m but I've tried the stroller and it's still pretty okay for me! It's pretty easy to fold it once you get used to the fold. To set it back up, need a little bit of a kick with your leg. I'm pretty set on getting this stroller as well. Happy to hear more reviews on this too :)

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2y ago

I forgot all about it when I went for baby fair the other day. I wanted to give it try before purchase but I can only find the stroller at baby fair..

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My friend is using this, and I heard a lot of good reviews from her. She said it’s as good as advertised in videos. She’s around 160+cm too. Height is ok for her. There will be a promo during SuperMom preorder, only $254.15 ◡̈

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2y ago

Yes! I saw the promo, i saw the price $299, didnt realise about the 15% cashback.. 🤭 i wanted to give it a try before purchase, but not sure where is the shop to go, other than baby fair.

Hi im using yoyo zen. Its really easy to use and not too heavy.

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Combi!! It's really lightweight and easy to use.