Dr John Tee at KKH or Dr Adrian at TMC

Hi mummies, I’m having dilemma in choosing between Dr John Tee at KKH private and Dr Adrian at TMC. Normal delivery and single bedded room. Can share your experiences?

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Hi mummy, noted that this post is dated 2 months ago so I’m not sure if you’ve given birth already. I’m with Dr Adrian, natural birth & single bedder at TMC. Delivery wise I think he did a pretty good job at stitching but do note that after birth, you’ll probably only get to see him for less than a min for the next two days. So if you have questions for him, do prepare beforehand cause he chop chop ask if you’re okay then poof before you even realize 😂 Nurses wise, from the moment I enter the hospital till I left, i would say their service is 👍🏻 24/7 available & always smiley.

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I feel public hospitals are the way to go if you want the best medical and nursing care because they are upheld to stricter standards than private and also see more emergency cases. but if you just want to focus on customer service and comfort, and don't care much for the other aspects then go private maybe. but most important is you must go in to any gynae, private or public, knowing your own health goals and be your own advocate.

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I’m with dr Adrian but I’m elective c sect. Well taken care from him. I’m recovering very well after c sect. I feel that he did extra mile for me even though he don’t speak much. If u are looking for caring doctor maybe dr Adria will not suit u because he don’t talk much as long as the baby & the mother are healthy though pregnancy. I pick TMC first bedded. Just feel like staying at hotel. Nurses are nice too.

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Super Mum

Hi mama Hui Pin, From what I’ve read, if communication is important to you, Dr John Tee may not be your best bet. Dr Adrian as in Woodworth? I know he runs a very busy clinic. He also sounds very active management. Have you thought about what’s important to you in a gynae? Or what kind of birth is your positive birth experience?

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