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Hi, my edd is on early June. What to pack in my hospital bag? I’m giving birth in Thomson hospital..

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Below is for 1 bedder at TMC. Mummy: • 1 set of clothings (I wore the same I entered in) • Charger • 1 x Kotex overnight panties (wear during discharge day) • Marriage cert and IC (Not sure if they accept electronic ones now) Optional: • Preferred facial wash and skin care • Breastpump (If you want LC to teach you how to use) • Cooling pads (natural birth) • Binder (Csect) • Hair ties/comb Baby (All optional): • 1 set of clothings upon discharge - Mittens - Swaddle - Booties - Hat Daddy (If staying over): • Charger • Change of clothings (adjust based on birth methods) • Money/cards • IC For 2 bedder and above, you properly need to bring along your own toiletries. Daddy’s NA.

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11mo ago

I see. no worries, just for gauge. thank you so much!!

Hi Aling, seems like u have given birth by now? 🤩🤩 in the end what we need to pack for hospital bag?

marriage cert also need?

11mo ago

Back in 2021 they are still using the physical copy but now idk so best to call in and confirm if they can accept the electronic ones. Marriage cert only required if you intend to register baby’s birthcert at the hospital.