1 month 12 days, help!

Hello mummies! I’m a FTM. Is it normal for my littleone to sleep on me? Like wheni put her down, she will wake up on the spot or 10-15 minutes later. But if i carry her or let her sleep on my chest, she can sleep for a solid 1.5-2 hours or more. Is this normal? 😭 how do i train her to sleep on her cot? Or will she faze out by herself?#advicepls #firstbaby #advicepls

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My 25 day old baby is like this too! Only at night she refuses to sleep in her cot and wants to be carried all the time. Super tiring for me cos I get almost no sleep in the night. In the day she’s able to sleep on her own. Riding on your post for fellow mummies advice 😭😭

5mo ago

Mine is the opposite! Cannot sleep in crib in the day but at night no problem. It’s super strange cos it’s the exact same thing!? My son is going 4 months old still contact napping during the day. No idea how to train also, I kinda gave up and just let him sleep on me or helper. I figured it’s better to let him get his naps in for developmental purposes now.

try swaddling, make sure u get the thin bamboo material zip swaddle so that bb doesn't get too warm. we also used the baby nest in her cot. she feels more secure sleeping in it. but rmb to stop using swaddle and baby nest once baby can flip over

5mo ago

Alright noted, thank you!

Mine sleep on my chest till he’s about 3 months old, then he sleeps on the bed with us. Refuse to sleep in his cot till now, and I’ve also given up on that idea 😂