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Hello Mummies! I’m a FTM and I have no idea which breast pumps to choose due to the wide varieties.. I’m currently looking at Tommee Tippee Made for me - Double electric pump & Baby express Be Mine dual electric pump. Can any mummies advise on which to get? (Other brands based on your own experience is fine as well.) I have inverted nips on one side, I’m not sure if this affects as well. Thanks in advance! #pleasehelp

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Go for hospital grade pump like Spectra S1 which is the most popular one & highly recommended by many mothers. I got a cheap Real Bubee & an S1 but prefers the latter better although both yields me the same and strong suction but battery wise, S1 is better. Not all mums are the same though. For S1, some does not yield as much as they do with other brands. Maybe try to get a 2nd hand S1 at Carousell to try. Just need to buy all new accessories.

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