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Hi mummies! I’m a FTM going 21 weeks. Currently going to KKH subsidised route. I really desire for a unrushed and unmedicated natural birth with hopes of unnecessary intervention unless me or baby is in danger. Idw to be pressured to get a c sect or epidural just because the doc wants to rush. (Heard of such situations) I was wondering if I should change to a private hospital so I can get to choose my doctor? I’m really not sure about KKH’s delivery too since I don’t think I’ll be able to choose my doctor who is delivering my baby right? Mummies who went through subsidised route please advise! Any advice would be helpful. Or any specific doctors in mind. Thank you. #1stimemom #firstbaby #pregnancy

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hi dear! as the other poster mentioned if u dun want any drugs during delivery, nobody can make u put them in your body.. tis is Sgp, every little thing also need to sign form.. 3yrs ago I delivered at KKH, subsidised.. I've never heard of doc's rushing mommies to take epidural or c-section, only when baby/mommy in danger, or the mommy wanted to pick auspicious date/time.. if u did really heard those nasty stories, then those are the hospitals, doctors you should avoid.. but my personal advice: if u are KKH subsidised patient, the only doctor you will meet is the Medical Officer on duty.. unless things turn serious then the midwives call the on-duty obgyn... other than that, it's the midwives hovering in your delivery room.. these women are powerhouses and will do everything within their power to get you to PUSH the baby out.. for me, that included scolding me, yelling, reverse psychology till my husband got scared too 😂 I aint the "ang moh" type, to think freedom to give birth without "violence", freedom of choice, water birthing etc., all I want is my baby arrive safely (and me too, if possible 😂) and he is 3 now 🤭 so I am forever grateful to the 2 midwives and the MO for journeying my little family thru the delivery 👍🏼

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