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Hi mummies! I’m a FTM going 21 weeks. Currently going to KKH subsidised route. I really desire for a unrushed and unmedicated natural birth with hopes of unnecessary intervention unless me or baby is in danger. Idw to be pressured to get a c sect or epidural just because the doc wants to rush. (Heard of such situations) I was wondering if I should change to a private hospital so I can get to choose my doctor? I’m really not sure about KKH’s delivery too since I don’t think I’ll be able to choose my doctor who is delivering my baby right? Mummies who went through subsidised route please advise! Any advice would be helpful. Or any specific doctors in mind. Thank you. #1stimemom #firstbaby #pregnancy

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I’m at 35 wks under subsidised in KKH and the doctors that have attended to me have been quite attentive to my needs and concerns. I’ve also had consultations at a private hospital for scans and check ups when I was too anxious as my appt was too far away. You are allowed to be firm and decline and medications or epidural regardless whether you’re under private or subsidised. You can also choose your gynae if you opt for KKH private too, depending on their availability. If you choose to switch to private (KKH or private hospitals) you should do it soon as several good gynaes do not accept patients in late 2nd trimester onwards.

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