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Hi mummies. I’m a FTM. Currently at weeks 24. I want to ask if its normal that my feet, (especially my sole of feet) that feel soooo tired & sore after walk for 10 mins? I have encounter this since few weeks ago. Appointment with gynae still next week. I found my feet is not swollen. Is just I realized everytime I walk for more than 10 minutes, I feel like my feet so aching & I need to rest (sit down) for awhile before continue to walk again. Wondering if its normal?? TIA!

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I'm a FTM, having the same problem as you and I'm only at 16 weeks! I have never experienced like this with my other pregnancies mainly because I was small in size. Guess I put on weight this time 😬 Now my sole become red after a few minutes walk and like you, they're not even swollen. This is because of the extra weight we're putting during pregnancy. Our uterus is expanding so it's putting immense pressure on the blood vessels in the pelvic area, hence the sore, painful feet. Just don't anyhow massage because there are some points on our feet that can trigger contractions. Elevate your feet up high on a pillow to rest, sleep on your side (this really helps!) or you can also ice your feet for a few minutes to relieve the pain.

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2y ago

Totally feel you! I was really active with my other pregnancies but not this time. I walk really slow, had to stop some time for a breather and most times my husband have to hold my hand so I can walk the same pace as him but not fast as he knows my feets are sore.