3 days late period, negative result

Hi mummies. Im 3 days late, having period like cramp lower abdomen. Took test and turns out negative. Is it too early to take?

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Maybe you can wait for a few more days before testing again? Or you can try first response kit - this test kit can show you the result 6 days before period is due (but I only tested a day before).

I tested on the day i was supposed to get my period and the line was super clear and dark. And turns out i was having twins.

It can be too early. For my first child, I was only positive 2 weeks after being late. For current, within that week, positive already.

i tested at 14 days late and was negative too. now im 18 days late and yet to test 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

I tested when I was 2 days late, it gave me a very clear double line.

So how was it? Was it delayed period?

It’s very likely a delayed period.

I think it’s a delayed period