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Hi mummies! Im on my 28th week and my gynae already asked me to choose a hospital to deliver my baby - tmc and mt a. Given the cancelled maternity tours, just online, how do you choose which one to deliver at? And do you just call the hospital to say that you will be delivering there and ask for hospital rates? Thank you!#1stimemom #pleasehelp #advicepls

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I didn’t go for tour but have decided on TMC because: (1) majority of mummy reviews are positive (2) it’s a maternity only hospital - no other types of patients means lower risk of getting Covid or other illnesses (3) food served are delicious (4) generous and useful gifts to all mummies delivering there - useful cos I’m first timer mum (5) a lot of cost savings from signing up w their 2 year membership + more useful stuff given by their goodie bag (6) good lactation consultant support during stay there Only potential downside is the parking - but if you don’t drive that won’t be a prob at all. I read some parents who drive saying it’s not an issue actually - they provide free parking for maternity stay or $3 flat fee a day. And there is valet parking (not sure if free anot but will be useful during emergencies) MT A is good hospital too, plenty of parking don’t have to worry.

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Hi mummy! Im on 25week. you can choose a hospital to deliver baby depends of your priority & comfort. By any chance, I also make a comparison between tmc n mt a. My opinion, If your concern is finance, mt a slightly cheaper than tmc, and mt a more concern of caring mom & baby. Tmc is more commercial, if you join their membership programme, can get many complimentary gift 😅i joined their webinar to understand more for hospital rate. If u want, i can share it with you ☺️ But in the end, depends of you. If you want to stick with ur current gynae, ask them which hospital they prefer of also. For example, my gynae prefer to do at tmc than mt a.. Hope can help your qns abit ☺️

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9mo ago

thanks a lot!!

Just delivered at TMC and I must say their nurses are excellent. Although they are pro breastfeeding, never once have I felt pressured to do so. You can always request to top up with formula milk and no judgement will be passed. Their food is also great! Stayed in premier single room.

9mo ago

thank you!!

For me, my gynae clinic did provide info on the prices for mt e novena and mt a. During my time the hospital also stopped giving tours and all i did was to see online. Decision was made by my hubby. I tink depends on budget as well..?

9mo ago

No prob!

thank you! take care!