Husband only helps around outside

Hi mummies, I just want to rant here bc I have no one to rant to. I feel so annoyed and sad bc my husband only is interested with our baby when he is around our families and friends. But when we are at home he is not rlly interested to help me with the baby. Is this normal? I feel very sad bc I am the only one who can see this..#pleasehelp

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I not sure how your communication bridge and frequency is like with your husband (eg. Do you just communicate for the purpose of chores, buying food, etc. Besides that do you talk to each other about how each of your day has gone and have good conversations during meals) The reason I’m asking this is because I think its best to just talk to him and understand what really is going on. Ask him how he feels about helping around when he’s at home. What are some of the challenges, doubts or fears he wishes to address about spending time helping. And while all of this is happening, you’ll have to listen with grace and with an open mind and heart. Try your very best not to react with emotions or get angry or interrupt. Let him express his feelings. And after he does open up to you, you let him know that his feelings are valid and then you’ll address your observations, concerns and what you fear from the actions that’s is being done at home. From there you both have to work at understanding what really is happening and work towards a healthy and safe environment between the both of you. P.S I have to add that fathers also can suffer from PPD. I hope this helps and I wish you all the best with talking to him

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it’s very toxic and your husband isn’t treating you both well :( it’s definitely not normal. he’s doing it for show only

At times my husband is also like that. Have to keep asking him to help