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Hi mummies, i read that calcium is important in pregnancy. Theres calcium in obimin however i assume the dose is quite small. Which calcium brand supplement are you currently taking or taken ? And is there any side effect? Thought of getting caltrate Purple bottle And is there any side effect after taking calcium supplement ? #FTM

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I’m taking Obimin prescribed by KKH gynae. I did request for calcium supplement because I told gynae that I don’t like to drink milk. So she prescribed Suncal-D. It’s very affordable so request it from your gynae. But do note that calcium supplements with vitamin D can’t be taken together with iron supplements (Obimin). They have to be taken 4 hours apart.

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6mo ago

hi. it's 2hrs. not 4hrs.

My dietician at KKH advised me to drink maternity milk or fresh milk that says high calcium to supplement the calcium needed for pregnancy. Don’t need to specially take calcium tablets for it.

Both pregnancy I took Obumin Multivitamins both prescribe by NUH/KKH. You are advise to not take in too much calcium tablet during pregnancy.

6mo ago

May I know why it is not advised to take too much calcium? what repercussions will we have?

I was prescribed Caltrate on top of Obimin & Baby DHA. Am with KKH. So far no side effects for me :)

NUH prescribes Caltrate pink bottle, for Bone and Muscle. been taking it since 2nd trimester

I think you should consult your gynae before buying over the counter calcium pills

my gynae gives me Caltrate Purple, said it better absorption