Insomnia Second Trimester

Hi mummies, I just reach second trimester and I realise that this few days Im having trouble with sleeping, I've been awake like late night, Im so tired and headache but I can't sleep. Any tips or advice that you could recommend? Thank you :')

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Go read your secondary math textbook! 不不不 lol for me, I close my eyes and try to remember a movie, a show or contents of a book. Oh or you can try massage your husband and ask him to massage you back... 不不不 you will feel chill from his massage and at the same time tired from you massaging him. 儭 And if you were prescribed diclectin (for nausea), take it a few hours before you sleep. It has drowsy effect.

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This happened to me during second pregnancy. Whereby I had a hard time sleeping. No matter what I do I will not sleep well. Nothing much can be done unless I read ebook, watch netflix, watch youtube, play video games, tire myself by doing late night chores like folding laundry then ill sleep well. 旦

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