Plus Size Baby Carrier

Hi mummies!! Can i know for the plus size mummies out there.. What brand of baby carrier that u moms use? FTM here ?

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Interested to know too for my husband! I hv an ergobaby but he cant fit it. I saw that tula's measurement is slightly bigger, but im not too confident. Got him a soul ring sling, cus it can be adjusted to one's body size, but he doesnt like it. Enquired with soul sling too, and they said theydo carry plus size carriers, but they recc coming down to their showroom to try it on first tho.

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2y ago

Yes me too.. Tula i heard max is 57".. I know i can fit bit mcm abit yakin tak yakin bcos i dont get to try the material.. If can try i think i can buy.. But with this situation its so hard to find everything outside.. All online..

Super Mum

Infantino flip 4 in 1. Up to 56 inches waistline

Super Mum

Baby tula free to grow. Waistline up to 57 inches

2y ago

Yes heard that too.. But with this situation.. Hard to percaye selagi tak try 😝