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Hello mummies, I heard from my friends that we won't be able to get the result back for harmony test done at KKH. Is that true? My friend say KKH will only give us a call if there's something wrong with the baby/pregnancy.

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the hosp will only call if there's any risks. else, they will not call you. :) however, u can always call them and ask abt the results (positive/ negative) i think in about 4-6weeks?. a copy of the results will also be made available when you visit the gynae next.

You are able to during your next appt. is just that they would not release results (if is good) and state that is confidential. So till the next appt, if you did not receive any call from KKH, everything will be fine!

Not true, a doctor will be assigned to explain the results after it’s ready. you’ll see the dr and receive a copy of it whether it’s good or bad results. I received mine this year.

12mo ago

That's good to know! Thank you 😄

you will definitely get a copy of your results! and yes if KKH call prior to your gynae visit, then probably the results not good. if no call means all is good.

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We did the harmony test, you’ll get the results on the next gynae apptmnt. Unless something vr urgent is noticed then they’ll call you beforehand

not true. just did mine 2 weeks back. doctor will provided a copy. same thing even for FTS.