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Hi mummies. I got my 1st dose but cancelled my 2nd dose covid vaccination as I found out I was pregnant. But now they say its safe for pregnant mummies to take it. Any advise? #pleasehelp #1stimemom

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Hi Mummy, if gynae says you’re good to go for it, then I’d advice you go for the 2nd one soon. (given that the post is 3 months ago) I completed both doses at Week 21 & 25, baby still kicking well. Only side effects were sore arms.

im currently 24 weeks pregnant and im already fully vaccine.. no side effect at all for me except just sore arms..thats all..Doctor advise to take it since it is save for pregnant mummies.. go ahead and take the vaccine..

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I'm pregnant and advised not to take the vaccination till I give birth.

Now 32 weeks completed both doses. 😉😉 Best u consult your gynae 😌

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Consult your gynae. That’s the safest way.