38 WEEKS cramps

Hi mummies, I am at my 38 weeks today. Past few days i feel cramps on my tummy and back like want to poo but cannot poo. Per day can feel around 3-4 times. Is that a sign of contractions? I am so so nervous to give birth. 😭😭😭

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Super Mum

Hi Idaa, Are you having loose stools / diarrhoea as well? These are signs that labour is on its way :) the cramping may be practice surges or Braxton Hicks. How to tell labour surges from practice ones is that Braxton Hicks will go away when you move - if you’re in labour, they won’t. A good way to tell is to have a warm shower - if the surges go away, it’s practice ones. :) your body needs you to practice having them to prepare you for what’s to come. Don’t feel too nervous mama - know why contractions/surges must happen. They happen to bring baby down and to you. Without them, there’s no way baby can make that long journey out to you :) Knowledge is power :)

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8mo ago

i manage to take a poo better this days. thank you for replying :)