Pregnant again after 3 recurrent MCs

Hi mummies. I am 36. Coming 37 in 2 months. I am currently pregnant after 3 recurrent MCs. I think I am very very early still. LMP 16th Oct. Had the only intercourse(sorry TMI) on 31st Oct & I conceived. I decided to only see gynae on 23rd December as I am not sure if this pregnancy will hold. But of course, I am praying very hard it will stick this time. Currently taking folic acid before my appt. Shld I be making an earlier appointment instead or should I stick to the 23rd December appointment? #advicepls #pleasehelp

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Super Mum

I would suggest going earlier. I also had recurrent MC. I went to a specialist dr at KKH for recurrent Mc pregnancy. Dr Liu Shuling gave me extra medication / supplement to help support the pregnancy. I’m not sure what is the cause of your RMC but mine was unknown so I felt better seeing gynae more often. She and my normal gynae saw me alternately every 2 weeks until week 20. The frequent ultrasounds and checking of blood pressure, etc helped give me comfort that my baby grew well.

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Hello! Yes, pls do make an early appointment as yours is already considered a risky pregnancy given that you've had 3 mcs and your age factor, 37 yrs old.