Breathless when walking during 12 weeks pregnancy

Hello mummies, i am 12 weeks pregnant now and I experienced some breathlessness/shortness of breath when I was shopping at the shopping mall. I need to breathe harder if I’m walking at a slightly faster pace. Is this normal at such early stage in pregnancy and does anyone experience this also? Thank you!

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hi yes! it is normal 😁. take it slow. and since it is your 1st Tri, I urge u not to walk too much also. and please don't carry heavy things. I learn it the hard way during my 1st trimester and had vaginal bleed. I just gave birth to a healthy baby boy 6 weeks ago.

hi mummy to be! yes normal, your body is now supplying oxygen and blood to you AND baby. it will feel more tiring to walk. take it slow 💗

Yup, normal. Although your bump may not be showing much, your body has already undergone a lot of changes.

Hello! I’m currently in week 12 now and experiencing breathlessness! Do take a rest halfway if needed!