How much do you pump after a week?

Hey mummies, how’s your volume after a week’s pump? Mine’s like 30-40ml in a session… having been able to breakthrough from this volume yet. Tips anyone?

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How many weeks pp are you? If you're 4 mths & above, your supply would have regulated already but still can increase. I struggle with the same amount as you. My baby used to DL but he has refused to nurse so I stopped DL and pumping then regret the decision. I gave up with taking supplements. Took legendairy milk & Mizedalle and see no effect on LM but only the latter and because I'm a housewife I see no reason on why I should waste money on lactation products so I started to power pump for a few days and drink lots of water. I used to drink oats & quinoa milk which you can easily buy at supermarkets and surprisingly it works for me! Power pump really works but you need to be efficient & do it for days. You'll have very sore nips and will only see the results probably a week or later but it's worth it rather than wasting money on lactation products that can't guarantee to boost your supply. Then pump as per normal every 2-4 hrs for 20 mins. The more you clear, the more you'll get a good supply. Also do hand express after every pump. You'll see that you can actually get an extra oz when you do that.

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It really differs between mothers as it depends on how much ur baby needs, esp for those who breastfeeds and pumping just to increase supply. If you can breastfeed baby, latch often so tt u can increase supply. For me I struggled with low supply in the first 2 weeks and even when I latch my boy every 2 hrs, I cld only get 50-60ml for a 20 min pump. I tried eating all kinds of galactagogues and power pump often. Eventually took Legendairy supplements and only aft tt at week 4 I managed to pump more than 120ml. Still not enough for my baby who drinks alot so still supplementing with formula but at least, better than nothing.

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