Swollen feet part ii

Hi mummies! How bad is or was your swollen feet during 3rd trimester? Have you ever needed to be warded after consulting doctor? I seriously have difficulties walking now and i can feel the swollen up till above my ankle area 🥺 #pregnancy #advicepls #pleasehelp #bantusharing #bantusharing

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My water retention situation is also quite bad... even my hands are puffy😅 No hospitalisation required. Just need to be mindful to drink more water, don’t hold pees, move and exercise regularly to help improve circulation... Stay positive and strong, a happy mama, a healthy baby. Take good care and God bless you and baby!

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Really bad! This was 4 days before I gave birth. Had to do this every single night and get my husband to massage my feet. They’re painful when pressed down to be honest. 😖 I feel you! Just elevate your legs and ice them! You’ll see the difference immediately.

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Yeap very bad! I had to upsize my shoes 2 sizes up at the beginning of 3rd trimester and towards EDD, the shoes became tighter still. Compression stocking helped relieve the pain alil and always elevate legs.

Wear compression stocking the entire day. Drink more water and take walks daily! It shld help

It was bad and painful. Drinking more water and sleeping with conpression socks helped.

Elevate your feet when sleeping. It'll help.

I was also same. I had to bed rest