Difficulty walking and sitting at week 37

Hi mummies, is having a multitude of pain (groin, leg and backache) normal at week 37? I'm having extreme difficulty walking and sitting without limping slowly or with assistance :( i went KKH to check but they sent me home because my cervix hasn't dilated and I'm not having active contractions. #firstbaby #pleasehelp #1stimemom #advicepls #pain #week37 #thirdtrimester #labour #pregnancy #delivery #FirstTime #FTM #advice

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Hang in there sis! Baby put weight below. i also have that kind of pain after walking alot which disturb my sleep also as kaki feel very2 light but aching all over. nak pakai slua pon kene duduk! you can put pillow under yr leg while sleeping.. i guess youre experiencing hamstring pain.. i also get my husband to urut smpi lega baru tido..

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