Low-lying placenta

Hi mummies, any of you have a low lying placenta but still have intercourse? 🤭 Doctor advice to avoid it but husband and I have been "fasting" for a month. How to endure? 😅 Also is there a way to make the placenta go up? I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant. Thank you mummies!

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I have a mid-low placenta. It is Anterior, lucky, not Previa. I had several spotting episodes at week 8, week 12, and week 24 (these 3 are brown discharge/spotting). Week 27 is brown bleeding (not much, BUT not spotting)😱. Currently week 29. Me and my husband decided not to have sex at all. The experience of seeing the bleeding worries us. Gynae also recommends the same. No heavy stuff, no squat, no sex, can’t be tired, drink a lot of water, rest more.

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for me, we followed my gynae's instructions strictly. if you feel its hard to do, just think of it this way - will you feel ok if after having intercourse, your pregnancy suddenly become high risk cz u bleed etc? since ure at 30weeks, it wont be long til u see ur little baby.. its entirely up to u though but personally most wont risk it.

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Placenta will move up on its own as your uterus grows. There's nothing u can do to correct it. We have been following docs advice to avoid sex & strenuous activity. Baby is the most important thing in this world now for us, so any sacrifice is less 😊

Dont risk it. Me and hubby didnt have intercourse ever since we got to know im pregnant. And till now in third trimester we didnt do intercourse and we’re just fine ☺️ its a habit and dont make it a habit that you need a sex.

Nope didn’t dare to risk it just for that moment of pleasure.. both parties ownself masterbate if not blowjob.. for me the placenta shift up by itself. Just have to avoid lifting heavy stuff and intercourse.

placenta will auto go up, no shortcut to help 🥲 gynae usually will say avoid intercourse and heavy lifting, so just listen to be safe 😅

nope. strictly avoid as per gynae advise. rather be safe than sorry. nothing can be done. placenta have to shift up by itself.

I would listen to docs advice and not risk it. There can be other non penetrative ways to intimacy if u really need to.