Low lying placenta

Any mummies got low lying placenta? Currentlu 32 weeks preggy. Dr informed that i have got low lying placenta. Was admitted for 1 night to observe, steroids was injected to strengthen baby lungs (incase preterm). Any mummies got similar experience? #firstbaby #advicepls

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Im with Kkh, i was told mine was low at wk20 already... But Dr didn't seemed to be alarmed or anything when i saw her on wk24. Then saw Dr on wk28 and was told to see her again at wk30 (which is next Tuesday)... I dunno what to expect either. I don't have any bleeding or spotting but i don't exercise now cos I feel v heavy at the below region. Anyway I googled it seems that mummies of this condition usually have to c-sec...

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2y ago

Yap i have got low lying placenta since week 22 now week 32 placenta still low.. 😂 No exercise for mi too... Currently on HL cos i have got 1 ep of brownish discharge...