Sharp pain?!

Hi mummies, it’s my first time expecting and I am in week 25 now. I am experiencing sharp pain at the top part of my bump ; after the belly button. For about 1/2 mins, is it normal? And I do have cramps? Time to time at the right side of my bump. Either slight above the right side , slight above my bump after my belly button height. But no bleeding or anything... should I go and see my gynae tho it’s not my appointment yet? Thank you!!

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Hi... your abdominal pain is most likely round ligament stretching. Here's why this happens: Your round ligaments are basically two bands of tissue that support your uterus; they get pulled and stretched to accommodate your growing uterus and baby. Most of us experience Leg cramps during pregnancy. To lessen the frequency, go for morning or evening walk. When you sleep, put your feet up. If you’re constantly in pain or worried, please visit your gynea.

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Thank you! And he didn’t move last night? He’s usually active after 11pm. Is it normal for the baby to not move? Just checking ..

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I had some sharp pain too and it felt better when I was lying down. I would say pls go say gynae if there's any slightest doubt. better to be safe than sorry!