Any mummies find lo drink much less when they start teething? Will they lose a lot of weight? Mine is drinking half to 2/3 his normal and starting to lose a bit of weight.. he normally has a good appetite but now can rarely finish his milk.. any tips on how to handle teething babies and their milk intake? I bottle feed ebm..

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Here are some signs commonly associated with teething: - irritability or fussiness - drooling (could lead to facial rash) - gum swelling and sensitivity - gnawing or chewing behaviour - refusing food - sleep problems For more information on signs of teething: It is common for baby to refuse food or to eat less when he/she is teething. This is due to the discomfort of swollen gums etc. If baby is still eating, my friends are usually not too worried. One tried spoon/syringe feeding once as her baby totally refused food for a few meals. Fortunately, this phase will pass. Try getting some teething toys or help to massage baby's gums to help soothe his discomfort.

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Mine too drinkin and eating lesser. Plus teething makes him diahrrea too. Really lose Abit of weight