Lesser milk intake

Hi Mummies, do you experience your baby have lesser intake of milk when reaches 3 month onwards? My baby girl started to have lesser milk intake. Sometime she dun even finish her milk if i will to bottle feed her. I switch routine to latch her during day time (whenever she need) and bottle feed her once or twice per day. PD seen her during her 3rd month injection and certify her healthy and said they called it as cheeky baby. Told me can start to give soft food 4 month onwards..

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hi mummy. hais yes!! my girl too! she drank 60mls until she reach 2.5months and drinks 90mls from then onwards. now 3 months plus, she sometimes dont even finish 50mls. but she seems ok and still cheerful. she also starting to bite fingers idky. her 3rd month vaccine is next week, and cant wait to ask the doctor 😭 im still worried even she seems ok tho

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3y ago

My girl seems ok and still active so i guess we dun need to worry to much? Hahaha.

Omg we are in the same boat. My girl just got her 3-month vaccine. One day drinks 200ml lesserrrrr. Anyway it’s just a phase. Went thru the same stage with my older one.

3y ago

Well i guess can jus start to give puree next month when she reaches 4 month. Bored of milk i guess. Hahaha